Episode Three

Century FallsTess’ mother warns her away from the Harkness sisters, but concerned with the survival of her younger sibling and scared of Ben Naismith’s psychic powers, Tess goes to them anyway, trying to learn more about what’s happening in Century Falls. Ben finds a metal mask in the charred church ruins, and continues his obsession with those ruins and with the waterfall. He finds Tess and Esme Harkness there, and again demonstrates his ability to help them see the past, again focusing on the fire in 1953. But Ben can’t delve any deeper into the collective memory of the disaster without forcing Esme to remember more – an experience Ben finds “beautiful” but Esme finds traumatic. She finally gives Tess a very direct warning: get out of Century Falls immediately. Meanwhile, events are being watched and manipulated by someone with plans of her own for Ben Naismith and his unusual powers.

written by Russell T. Davies
directed by Colin Cant
music by David Ferguson and Martyn Swain

Century FallsCast: Catherine Sanderson (Tess Hunter), Mary Wimbush (Esme Harkness), Georgine Anderson (May Harkness), Beryl Cooke (Miss Cooper), Bernard Kay (Richard Naismith), Heather Baskerville (Mrs. Hunter), Tatiana Strauss (Julia), Emma Jane Lavin (Carey Naismith), Simon Fenton (Ben Naismith), Alex Mollo (Ashe), Eileen Way (Alice Harkness), Robert James (Dr. Josiah Naismith), Donna Fawthrop (Young Woman), Jennifer Harris (Little Girl)

LogBook entry by Earl Green