Dagger Of The Mind

Stardate 2715.1: Kirk and ship’s psychiatrist Dr. Noel visit a Federation mental hospital as the Enterprise delivers supplies. But one cargo container beamed aboard the ship contains an apparently insane stowaway from the facility on the planet who isn’t a patient, but the second in command of the hospital’s director, who has invented a device […]

The Omega Glory

Stardate not given: The missing starship Exeter is spotted in orbit of an inhabited planet. Kirk, Spock and McCoy board the Exeter, finding only the remains of the crew, wiped out by a disease which likely affects the boarding party now. Transporting to the planet, Kirk finds that Captain Tracey of the Exeter escaped his […]

The Judas Goat

Logan and Jessica are stunned to see a runner from the City of Domes on the road, and after he initially bolts upon seeing Logan’s Sandman uniform, they pick him up and bring him along. The runner insists that a movement is taking hold within the City – a movement that counts Logan and Jessica […]


Logan, Jessica and Rem stop to explore on foot, but Logan is hit by a tranquilizer dart from a hidden attacker, and Rem and Jessica vanish before his eyes before he loses consciousness. Rem and Jessica find themselves in a place devoid of any features, with a man claiming he represents a “higher authority,” though […]