A herd of deer grazing near the house:

Where Xena was during all this, I have no idea.

In other, non-venison-related news…my little boy doesn’t need me to help him hold his bottle anymore. 🙁

Also, the other day as I was working in the kitchen, Evan did his first bit of serious crawling while I had my back turned – go figure. He left his playmat on the floor behind and started scooting toward – you guessed it – his cat. Like the song says, the carpet crawlers heed their callers…I guess now we know who the callers are. (We’ve got to get in to get out…and pet our cat!)

Evan and Obi
Yeah. That cat. Right there. Caught in the crib first thing this morning.

Evan and Obi
“Don’t mind me, I’m just another stuffed animal!”

I’m having to get used to a traditional 101 keyboard for the first time in ages tonight. My beloved old backlit keyboard, which I’ve had since 2003, has started to get flaky not only in terms of how backlit it is (its EL wiring isn’t exactly new anymore, and I’m not sure keyboards like that were designed for stuff like, oh, say, MAME) So over to the less-frequently-used Orac goes the EL keyboard, and in its place is the Dell 101 keyboard that came with this computer. Since I’ve spent 5 years using a non-traditional keyboard, it’s taking me a bit of time to get used to…well…what everyone else is already used to.

Earl's edit suite

That’s all the news I’ve got right now. Exciting eh?

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