This week marks the official launch of yet another WordPress-ified section of the site, this time an archive for the literally hundreds of videos accumulated for Phosphor Dot Fossils over the years. It’s not the most elegant solution for handling that material, I’ll admit, but it does help me to get away from coding every PDF article twice over and then doing dumbass things like forgetting to change the template code (which is why every Apple II game looked and sounded uncannily like Ghostbusters for the longest time 😆 ). You can do a search by title and look at video of, say, every port of Zaxxon for which we have video. It’s actually kinda neat – give it a try. In time I’ll also add back in stuff such as the maruqee artwork and other artwork elements that used to be part of the now-defunct Arcade Artwork Archive section. See? Even in the digital world I’m a pack rat who never throws anything away. I decided to go ahead and launch this monster this week because, plain and simple, it cuts down on extraneous coding and goofball Ghostbusters mistakes.

Speaking of old games…guess what? I’m goin’ to CGE! It’s official. But there’s a catch – you probably won’t see me much outside of the keynote speeches, which I’ll be taping for a project that the CGE organizers will let you know about Very Soon. (Well, okay, I’ll spill: I’m producing a DVD, possibly a multi-DVD set, of this year’s show. Keynotes, alumni dinner, auction action, show floor, you name it. The current plan is for the whole shebang to be available around Christmas. So hey, there’s my major post-production project to be working on after Evan gets here. Funny how that works out, eh?) So think of it as a working vacation. Still: it’s a trip to CGE that I literally didn’t have in the budget, so it’s nothing but a huge treat for me. Hanging at the Expo with an all-access pass, doing what I do best (aside from kicking your butts at Galaga), what could be better? And I’m still going to 1984 Arcade in a couple of days with Rob, Brian and the gang, so July really is kinda like my last hurrah before baby time hits me like a loaded diaper.

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