Apologies for not having much to say recently; I’m launching a fairly major new feature on the site next weekend, so just about all of my spare time this week is devoted to that, to say nothing of getting the rest of the usual features ready (gotta do something cool to celebrate Star Trek’s 40th birthday, mind you). You probably noticed that the site went into “reruns” during August (mainly because there was simply no way I could do new features, continue to work on the aforementioned major new part of the site, and get ready for OVGE all at the same time; in the end, it turns out I was only able to accomplish one out of the three).

Olivia says ZZZZZzzzzzzzzOlivia’s going to be spending the night at the vet one night next week – she’s being rewired and front declawed. She hasn’t even gone into her first heat yet, so that’s a good thing. I remember how Othello and Iago used to act before they got fixed when they’d get “frustrated” – it wasn’t pretty and cost me at least one apartment deposit. Hopefully our li’l kitten will pull through this with a minimum of pain and inconvenience. She truly is the #1 source of joy in our household right now, so we’re understandably apprehensive about her going under the knife.

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