It’s been one hell of a week, to put it mildly. First off, flying solo again at work, and we had a hellacious round of storms and tornadoes on Sunday night, for which the station’s coverage kicked copious quantities of butt. (See the work blog for examples of how we’re “POPping” that coverage – I’ve added quite a few brand new spots.) But that has meant epic-length work days. And last night when I got home, something was wrong – I think it was the fact that every receptacle that’s supposed to drain water had backed up. Toilets overflowing, bathtubs and sinks filling themselves, mass hysteria. So the inevitable call to the plumber went out this morning; I stayed home longer today to meet him when he finally appeared in the afternoon with his robo-rooter. Just snaking that thing through the pipes blasted some clogs out of the system, but there was still something amiss. So there was no choice but to dig up the yard – it was time to blow the hatch.

The septic receptacle at Casa Green
Even Xena couldn’t have done this much damage to the yard. And it’s not like she hasn’t tried…

The septic receptacle at Casa Green
Wait guys! Don’t blow the hatch! (OK, I admit it, I added the “numbers” later.)

Actually, the hatch blew me backward – when they popped that lid open, the smell was enough to rock you back on your heels. The contents didn’t exactly look pretty either. (Then again, that’s what I get for standing about three feet away, I suppose.) The tank is completely packed solid – and worse yet, since the house is technically below the tank as far as ground elevation goes, it’s going to flow back toward and into the house. They’re having to send someone else to see if it can be pumped, or if it’s a total loss – it seems like about a 50/50 proposition at this point. (And even if it’s a total loss, it’ll still have to be pumped before it can be removed and replaced.)

Needless to say, a crappy situation has resulted. 😕

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3 Responses to “Wait! Don’t blow the hatch!”

  1. Bummer about the septic tank. Was it the weather that filled it up quicker than normal or were you a little late in your regular pumping? Either way I hope the tank wasn’t damaged.

  2. Apparently the tank had never been pumped for as long as the house had been there. So, a bit of our fault there. I’m surprised it didn’t backfire on us in a more spectacularly disgusting way, all things considered.

  3. Well don’t feel bad. That is apparantely a common mistake among those home owners new to septic tanks. One of ort local news stations had a story about that years ago and that’s the only reason I know about it.

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