Finest Worksite

I was blessed with a slow night at work tonight, and so I set about a complete revamp of my work section, WordPress-style, and even added some spots which ran just recently. There’s still a lot to be done – much of the material between 1995-97 remains to be added – but all of the video segments have been converted to Flash (actually, they were converted a long time ago, but I’d never gotten around to making those Flash videos “live”), with over 100 spots viewable as video files (!!), some of which weren’t even viewable in the previous MPEG links.

There’s still some fine-tuning needed to the “look” of that section, but I think it’s kinda dandy. Bit of a trip down memory lane putting it together all over again.

And before anyone asks – I am actually considering allowing folks to register and make comments in the work section. Though that thought may change the next time I change my socks, one never knows. If the “comment” option suddenly vanishes, you’ll know.

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  1. There’s so much content in your blog site that I’ve become sooo confused! Help me! Should I read your blogs in chonological order or shall I randomly pick blog entries on a whim? What videos should I view first? Again, chronologically or randomly? Now you have videos from work! Too. Much. Information. Head. Will. Asplode! 🙂

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