While I’m sure everyone remembers “RoboFenter,” one of many comics I drew in honor of our illustrious vice principal, this first cartoon – which actually pre-dated “RoboFenter” – may require some explanation for those who have forgotten. (Hell, I had to think real hard to remember the circumstances.) Sometime in the ’88-’89 school year, an enterprising art student who shall remain nameless (it wasn’t me, I was never even in the art department!) distributed photocopies of an enlightening message to everyone’s locker: “Question authority.” It’s just possible that this enlightened message was overshadowed by the picture of the naked woman which was photocopied behind it. Mr. Fenter, bless his paranoid little soul, decided that since journalism had the only photocopier in the school outside of his office, our newspaper editor, then-senior Joel Baker, must have been responsible for the flyers. (After all, we junior plebes didn’t have no sense anyhow, so we didn’t know how to operate no fancy-shmancy photocopier thing.) He proceeded to march into the journalism room and yelled “Joel Baker, my office, now!” I seem to recall Joel being in his office for the better part of that day. What a trip. (The malotov cocktail joke is another vintage Northside reference. Do you remember who it was about?)

A Lewd Publication

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m sure the next cartoon will need no introduction…


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