Slow going

This is just a little note to apologize for the apparent sudden slowing-down of the site lately. A new, news-oriented TV job tends to suck one’s time dry during those all-important sweeps months of November, February, May and July (in that order), and this one is no exception. I’ve been seriously lacking in time to sit down and generate new material for the site. Hopefully the episode guide updates and other new items you’re seeing this week make up for that.

A few random thoughts have occurred to me lately that really don’t have any bearing on anything…so naturally, it further occurred to me that these thoughts needed to be foisted upon you, the public. You may exhibit the appropriate reaction – be it glee, annoyance, or indifference – now.

  • Rest in peace, Charles M. Schultz.
    The cruel irony of the timing of this man’s death is breathtaking. Goodbye, Charles Schultz…the world now seems just a little less kid-friendly without you. I don’t know if the children of the 90’s and the early 21st century will notice the difference, but those of us who grew up reading Peanuts will miss you.
  • Vote for me! Not for him! ME!!!
    Is anyone else getting really annoyed by the 2000 presidential race’s early descent into mudslinging? I’m thinking particularly here of the Bush/McCain thing. Early on in the political proceedings, I was actually leaning toward McCain…but this does change things. It’s clear that virtually all of our candidates are vying not for the power to do right by their constituents, but for the power to exercise on their own behalf. I know – nothing new there, oldest story in the world. But it’s still disappointing when I can’t even be vaguely, remotely idealistic.
  • Hack Attacks.
    eBay,, Yahoo!,…who’s next? And what’s the point? Part of me sides with the FBI in thinking that there’s a serious problem on the horizon with such incidents. Another part of me thinks this may be the work of a handful of geeks who are just trying to show off – a la the movie WarGames. Just leave Amazon alone, guys…I like people to be able to support my web site!
  • When Pro Football Players Attack.
    It sounds like a Fox sweeps special…or actual headlines. Some researchers think that there’s a link between the ultra-macho world of full-contact sports and a tendency toward violence…and they may not be far from the mark. I just hope that the NFL will begin to act responsibly and start treating violent offenders within its ranks with more decisive action. Actually, that goes for all major sports leagues…hell, even minor ones. Kids look up to these self-appointed gladiators as role models and heroes. Let’s make sure they have role models and heroes worthy of that admiration. It’s sweet of the NFL to provide counseling for its players, and perhaps that is a giant leap toward pre-empting such incidents as the one in which Ray Lewis is involved …but there also needs to be a swift reckoning when someone crosses the line that Lewis did. What kind of message do kids receive – and, for that matter, impressionable minds everywhere – when the governing officials of pro sports waffle uneasily when a player commits a criminal offense?

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