Ode On A Box O’ Floppies

Background: At work, we use an old graphics generator called the Vidifont which relies on ancient 8-inch floppies. We even have a floppy file to hold all of these – but every time I go into that edit room, someone has left approximately a quarter of a million pens, pencils, magic markers and permanent markers in the floppy file. So today I posted this wonderful safety notice on the floppy file. I think you’ll find it amusing.

Do not fill me with writing utensils,
Be they pens or be they pencils.
I hate to be rude or to be contrary,
But this box isn’t meant for stationery.
It’s meant to hold all these disks,
And if we lose data, tsk, tsk tsk.
It’s hard enough to find eight-inch floppies
And even harder to find new copies.
So when storing your pens, please use your head
Lest I tell you where you can put them instead.

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