Wonder Woman Meets Baroness von Gunther

Wonder WomanMajor Steve Trevor is implicated in a series of sabotage incidents that have set the American war effort back signficantly. Steve is determined to clear his name, as is his new secretary, Navy Yeoman Diana Prince. What Steve doesn’t know is that Diana is Wonder Woman in disguise, and she repeatedly comes to the rescue as his attempts to clear his name put him in ever greater danger. All signs point toward a captured Nazi Baroness being the prime suspect behind the attempts to tar Major Trevor with the brush of treason, but how can she frame him while she’s under lock and key?

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Margaret Armen
directed by Barry Crane
music by Charles Fox

Wonder WomanCast: Lynda Carter (Diana Prince / Wonder Woman), Lyle Waggoner (Major Steve Trevor), Richard Eastham (General Blankenship), Beatrice Colen (Etta Candy), Christine Belford (Baroness Paula Von Gunther), Edmund Gilbert (Warden), Ed Griffith (Hanson), Christian Juttner (Tommy), Bradford Dillman (Arthur Deal III), Jude Farese (Guard #1), Cletus Young (Guard #2), Ruth Warshawsky (Woman), John Brandon (Sergeant Stransky)

Wonder WomanNotes: Not only does the warden’s son, Tommy, have a Sherlock Holmes fixation, but he also seems to have no curfew and unlimited access to a top-security federal penitentiary during wartime. This was one of two hour-long specials ordered by ABC after the pilot, though these specials are now retroactively considered part of the first season (which technically didn’t begin until the fall of 1976). Richard Eastham takes over the role of General Blankenship for the remainder of the first season.

LogBook entry by Earl Green