Dead Man Walking

TorchwoodAs the team struggles to come to terms with Owen’s death after the Reset incident, Jack insists on using the other resurrection gauntlet – the opposite number of the one used by Suzie Costello – but unlike the first glove, it brings Owen back for two minutes – and then some. Even when Jack removes the glove, Owen is still walking around and talking, but he has no pulse. Martha determines that something is bringing about drastic changes to Owen’s biochemistry: he’s already only 40% human. What the other 60% is, no one knows – until Owen’s eyes change completely to black and he begins speaking in an alien language in a voice that isn’t his. Even the Weevils fear him. With time running out, and an alien presence apparently using him as its foothold on Earth, Owen comes up with an option that horrifies his teammates: having himself enbalmed while still alive to rob the presence of its host.

Order the DVDsDownload this episodewritten by Matt Jones
directed by Andy Goddard
music by Ben Foster

Guest Cast: Freema Agyeman (Dr. Martha Jones), Kai Owen (Rhys Williams), Skye Bennett (Little Girl), Paul Kasey (Weevil), Joanna Griffiths (Nurse), Ben Walker (Jamie Burton), Lauren Phillips (Hen Night Girl), Golda Rosheuvel (Doctor), Janie Booth (Hospital Patient), Rhys Ap William (Police Officer)

Notes: The first resurrection gauntlet was last seen in the first season’s They Keep Killing Suzie, another instance in which it didn’t exactly behave as advertised.

LogBook entry by Earl Green