The Mysterious Moles

Super FriendsWhen Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog find evidence that entire rocks and trees are somehow moving during a bike ride through nature, they report their findings to the Super Friends, who are somewhat more concerned with a recent wave of thefts of large industrial air conditioning units. But are the two events connected? A house near where Wendy and Marvin were is occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Mole, who don’t welcome the attention of the Super Friends…mainly because they’ve found a path to an entire underground world full of walking rocks and trees – and diamonds worth a fortune. But the caves are hot – hence the stolen air conditioners. When the Super Friends try to confront the Moles, the ensuing battle depends on whose commands the rocks and trees obey.

story by Fred Freiberger, Bernie Kahn, Ken Rotcop, Art Weiss, Willie Gilbert, Dick Robbins, Henry Sharp, and Marshall Williams
Super Friendsdirected by Charles A. Nichols
music by Hoyt Curtin

Cast: Sherry Alberoni (Wendy / Mrs. Mole), Norman Alden (Aquaman), Danny Dark (Superman), Shannon Farnon (Wonder Woman), Casey Kasem (Robin), Ted Knight (Narrator), Olan Soule (Batman), John Stephenson (Mr. Mole), Frank Welker (Marvin / Wonder Dog)

LogBook entry by Earl Green