StarmanOn the run after another narrow escape from Agent Fox, Paul and Scott learn from a news report that Jenny Hayden is also in Los Angeles, having escaped from a hospital where she was being treated. A scant trail or clues leads them to a halfway house where they meet a woman named Angela, who claims to have been a friend of Jenny’s. She asks them about Jenny, presumably so she knows Paul and Scott are actually Jenny’s family, while leading them to places she says Jenny used to hang out…but there’s no sign of Scott’s mother anywhere. There are plenty of signs, however, that Agent Fox has planted the story about Jenny to trap his prey…but if that’s the case, then who is Angela, and has she ever met Jenny Hayden?

written by Randall Wallace
directed by Bob Sweeney
music by Dana Kaproff

StarmanCast: Robert Hays (Starman / Paul Forrester), C.B. Barnes (Scott Hayden), Michael Cavanaugh (Agent George Fox), Lisa Blount (Angela), Jonas Marlowe (Bobby), Michael Prince (Dr. Schuyler), Patrick Culliton (Wiley), Mie Hunt (Anne Nishakura), Frank Lugo (Mr. Romero), David Bowman (Sportscaster), Pete Gonneau (Newscaster), Peter Jolly (Orderly), Kim Strauss (Young Man), Sam Temeles (Patient)

LogBook entry by Earl Green