Children Of The Gods

Stargate SG-1At a top secret facility in Cheyenne Mountain, the stargate is kept in a storage facility, guarded by a handful of of soldiers. When it activates, Goa’uld warriors come out shooting. One of the soldiers is taken hostage and her comrades, despite putting up a valiant fight, are killed. The Goa’uld take their hostage and leave.

Colonel Jack O’Neill, a year after his first voyage through the stargate, is called out of retirement and questioned by General George Hammond about his original mission. When General Hammond reveals a plan to send another nuclear bomb through the gate to prevent it from ever opening again, O’Neill finally reveals that he didn’t necessarily carry out his orders and that the team members he reported killed in action are, in fact, still living on Abydos. O’Neill suggests sending a message of sorts through the stargate to see if archaeologist Daniel Jackson is alive and well; when a reply is received, O’Neill is recalled to active duty and assigned to take another trip through the gate to investigate the sudden revival of the Goa’uld’s interest in Earth. Major Samantha Carter, an expert on the workings of the stargate, is added to O’Neill’s reassembled original team for the mission.

An initially hostile reception on the other side of the gate is quickly prevented by Daniel Jackson, who reveals his theory that there are more than two stargates – and that it’s likely that there’s an entire network of gates spread throughout the galaxy. Daniel has begun to make some headway on translating several cartouches which may be a map of that network. But before he can explain much more, Goa’uld invade Abydos through the stargate, again slaughtering everyone they can and taking a hostage – in this case, the woman Daniel has taken as his lover. He agrees to return to Earth with the surviving members of O’Neill’s team, but upon his return he finds that General Hammond isn’t exactly pleased to see him again.

With what seems to be the return of Ra, despite O’Neill and Daniel’s insistence that they did succeed in killing him, Hammond forms nine teams to perform regular reconnaisance and security missions through the Stargate, and assigns O’Neill and Carter to the prime team, SG-1. But on their first mission, the odds are against them. Daniel discovers that his lover is now inhabited by the symbiont of a Goa’uld queen, and the entire SG-1 team is captured. Only the startling rebellion of a Goa’uld warrior named Teal’c turns the tide when he joins O’Neill.

Season 1 Regular Cast: Richard Dean Anderson (Colonel Jack O’Neill), Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson), Amanda Tapping (Major Samantha Carter), Christopher Judge (Teal’c), Don S. Davis (General Hammond)

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Jonathan Glassner & Brad Wright
directed by Mario Azzopardi
music by Joel Goldsmith
main theme adapted from music by David Arnold

Guest Cast: Jay Acovone (Major Kawalsky), Vaitiare Bandera (Sha’re), Robert Wisden (Major Samuels), Peter Williams (Apophis), Brent Stait (Major Ferretti), Gary Jones (Technician), Alexis Cruz (Skaara), Rachael Hayward (Guard #3), Rick Ravanello (Guard #2), J.B. Bivens (Guard #1), Stephen Sumner (Goa’uld #1), Adam Harrington (Goa’uld #2), John Bear Curtis (Primitive), John Tierney (Monk), Colin Lawrence (Warren), Garvin Cross (Casey), Anthony Ashbee (Soldier), Eric Schneider (Doctor), Andrew McIlwaine (Medic), Santo Lombardo (Bolaa), Sean Amsing (Tobay), Monique Rusu (Dark Skinned Woman), Janette de Vries (Female Serpent Guard)

Stargate SG-1Notes: There are several differences between the world established in the movie Stargate and that of the series. The location of the mountain base housing the Stargate has changed to Cheyenne Mountain, an actual Air Force base. (O’Neill mentions that he has been there before, suggesting that the stargate was not moved between the film and the series.) The spellings of “Jack O’Neill” and “Sha’re” have been changed from the original “O’Neil” and “Sha’uri.” The characters of Kawalsky and Ferretti were lieutenants in the movie, but majors in the series. In the film, Abydos was in another galaxy. In the series, it is one of the closest planets with a stargate to Earth, which is why the Earth gate is able to connect to it without adjustments to the address. The alien that possessed the human body Ra was a humanoid in the movie, not a snake-like creature. Ra’s guards were not called by any name or title in the movie, but were referred to as Horus and Anubis in the credits. Their headpieces folded away completely and disappeared, unlike the serpent guard headpieces of the series. (The name Anubis was later given to a major villain in the series’ later seasons.) In the film, O’Neil and Jackson agreed that the major danger was the Earth gate, and that O’Neil would find some way to have that shut down when he returned home. No explanation is given for why the stargate remained unburied and connected to power. Alexis Cruz played Skaara in both the movie and the series.

LogBook entry by Earl Green with notes by Dave Thomer