The High Tower

Star Wars: ResistanceFuel and power rationing plunge the entire station into darkness. Unable to get any work done, Kaz joins Tam and Neeku at Aunt Z’s bar, where Aunt Z openly speculates that Captain Doza has intentionally cut power so no one will see a delegation from the First Order arriving by night. Kaz is even more impressed when flying ace Hype Fazon walks into Aunt Z’s, especially since the station’s flying aces have their own luxurious lounge in the central tower which is also home to Captain Doza’s office. Ingratiating himself with Fazon – against Tam’s warnings – Kaz gets an invitation to the aces’ lounge, where he sees First Order stormtroopers and Major Vonreg paying Doza a visit, and eavesdrops on Vonreg threatening to withhold further fuel drops unless Doza allows a permanent First Order garrison on the station. Though this is finally the spying he’s been so excited about doing, Kaz is clumsy when trying to get back to BB-8 with this information, and is suddenly the target of a First Order manhunt.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Stephany Folsom
directed by Steward Lee
music by Michael Tavera
based on original themes and music by John Williams

Star Wars: ResistanceCast: Christopher Sean (Kazuda Xiono), Josh Brener (Neeku Vozo), Scott Lawrence (Jarek Yeager), Suzie McGrath (Tam Ryvora), Dee Bradley Baker (Security Guard / Ugnaught Vendor), Donald Faison (Hype Fazon), Jason Hightower (Captain Doza), Jonathan Lipow (Glitch / Al / Stormtrooper #2 / Fuel Tanker Captain), Lex Lang (Major Vonreg / Stormtrooper #1), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (4D-M1N / Freya Fenris / Jooks), Matthew Wood (Security Droid #1 / Security Droid #2), Myrna Velasco (Torra Doza), Tovah Feldshuh (Aunt Z)

Notes: Captain Doza’s administrative droid is 4D-M1N – “l33t” speak for “admin”.

LogBook entry by Earl Green