The Season Scepter

EwoksTeebo the Ewok, again practicing magic, seems to change the seasons from summer to winter in the blink of an eye. Racing to seek the advice of Ewok leader Logray, Wicket, Teebo and the other Ewoks find not their chief, but a message from the Leaf Queen relayed by the Sun Star: the Sun King needs Logray’s help urgently. Wicket and his friends answer that call instead – not really the help the Sun King was expecting – but on the way to the Sun King’s palace, they’re attacked by the minions of the Snow King, who has stolen the Season Scepter from his brother and turned summer to winter. Those minions capture Kneesaa, and now Wicket will have to rescue her and steal the Season Scepter back…or it may be winter on Endor forever.

Ewokswritten by Bob Carrau
directed by Dale Schott
music by Patrick Gleeson

Cast: Denny Delk (Wicket), James Cranna (Teebo), Sue Murphy (Latara), Jeanne Reynolds (Kneesaa / Malani), Rick Cimino (Chief Chirpa / Logray)

LogBook entry by Earl Green