R2 Come Home

The Clone WarsAnakin and Windu land their fighters near the crash site of the Endurance and enter the wreckage on foot (with their respective astromech droids following close behind). When they encounter the bodies of clone troopers amid the debris, it’s clear that they’re not crash victims, but the targets of execution-style killings. No survivors are found on the ship’s bridge, but a calling card of sorts is – the helmet of Jango Fett, Boba’s father. Windu puts the clues together and realizes that this is a personal vendetta – and saves Anakin with split-second timing and the Force when the helmet turns out to be the trigger for another bomb. On the surface, the droids run afoul of wild Gundarks, and only Artoo survives. Artoo finds Anakin and Windu pinned in the debris from the bomb explosion, and Anakin orders the droid to return to his fighter and summon help from the Jedi Temple. But as Artoo sets out, he detects another problem: Aurra Sing, Boba Fett, and a hired gun are coming to gather proof of the Jedi’s death – unless the intrepid droid can stop them without bringing the rest of Endurance’s wreckage down on the survivors.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Eoghan Mahony
directed by Giancarlo Volpe
music by Kevin Kiner / original Star Wars themes by John Williams

Star Wars: The Clone WarsCast: Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker), Terrence Carson (Mace Windu), Jaime King (Aurra Sing), Daniel Logan (Boba Fett), Robin Atkin Downes (Castas), Dee Bradley Baker (Clone Troopers / Bossk), Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano), James Arnold Taylor (Plo Koon), Tom Kane (Narrator)

Notes: This is the only instance in either film or television Star Wars that Fett’s ship is ever called Slave I on screen. Though the ship had been associated with that name in marketing and merchandising dating back to The Empire Strikes Back (1980), it had never been called by that name on-screen until this episode.

Jedi Fortune Cookie: “Adversity is a friendship’s truest test.”

LogBook entry by Earl Green