When The Bough Breaks

Star Trek: The Next GenerationStardate 41509.1: Wesley and the most intelligent children of the Enterprise are kidnapped by the powerful Aldeans, aliens of lore who have the power to cloak their planet from view but do not realize that the energy powering their miraculous world is responsible for the sterility of their race. At the insistence of Dr. Crusher and other parents of the other kidnapped children, Picard tries to negotiate with the Aldeans, which only angers them.

Order the DVDswritten by Hannah Louise Shearer
directed by Kim Manners
music by Ron Jones

Guest Cast: Jerry Hardin (Radue), Brenda Strong (Rashella), Jandi Swanson (Duana), Paul Lambert (Rellien), Ivy Bethune (Katie), Dierk Torsek (Dr. Bernard), Michele Marsh (Leda), Dan Mason (Accolan), Philip N. Waller (Harry Bernard), Connie Danese (Toya), Jessica Bova (Alexandra), Vanessa Bova (Alexandra)

LogBook entry by Earl Green