Pen Pals

Star Trek: The Next GenerationStardate 42695.3: While on an extended research patrol through a star cluster whose planets’ geologic activity rips them apart from inside, Data on the Enterprise makes contact with a primitive being on one of these planets which is now in immediate danger and has to plead with the prime directive- conscious Picard to help his newfound friend.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Melinda M. Snodgrass
story by Hannah Louise Shearer
directed by Winrich Kolbe
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Diana Muldaur (Dr. Pulaski), Nicholas Cascone (Ensign Davies), Nikki Cox (Sarjenka), Ann H. Gillespie (Ensign Hildebrant), Colm Meaney (Chief O’Brien), Whitney Rydbeck (Ensign Alans)

LogBook entry by Earl Green