Star Trek: VoyagerStardate 48840.5: An alien ship contacts Voyager and asks for Neelix by name; when the party seeking Neelix turns out to be a Haakonian named Jetrel, Neelix reacts badly. Jetrel was a scientist who developed the metreon cascade, an immensely powerful weapon that destroyed 300,000 Talaxians – including Neelix’s family – during a war with the Haakonians fifteen years ago. Jetrel announces that Neelix could be suffering from a terminal condition resulting from minimal exposure to the metreon cascade, and offers to try to study him to find a cure. But Neelix wants no part of easing Jetrel’s conscience.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Jack Klein & Karen Klein and Kenneth Biller
story by Scott Nimerfro & Jim Thomton
directed by Kim Friedman
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: James Sloyan (Jetrel), Larry Hankin (Gaunt Gary)

LogBook entry by Earl Green