Cold Station 12

Star Trek: EnterpriseCaptain Archer and his crew investigate Arik Soong’s original destination coordinates, finding a crude colony where he took his Augment children to escape from Earth authorities. There, they find that the Augments left one of their own to die – a young man whose powers didn’t quite measure up to theirs. Archer brings him aboard the Enterprise, and then sets the ship on a course for Cold Station 12. A Starfleet cold storage facility designed to keep isolated samples of various deadly pathogens away from any planetary biosphere, Cold Station 12 is also home to 1,800 frozen Augment embryos, the legacy of the Eugenics War. When humanity couldn’t decide how to deal with the embryos, they were set aside in stasis and treated as a disease. Soong and his Augments take the entire crew of the space station hostage, but find that the chief pathologist, Dr. Lucas, won’t give them access to the embryos when his life is threatened, or even that of his colleagues. Enterprise arrives and Archer leads a boarding party to Cold Station 12 to try to contain the situation, but they too become hostages – and Lucas’ old friend Dr. Phlox turns out to be the one person whose death he isn’t prepared to allow. With the codes to release the embryos, Soong and his “children” prepare to leave, but already Soong’s hold over them has begun to slip. Despite Soong’s insistence that human lives should be spared, the ambitious Augment Malik traps Archer and his landing party, with Lucas and his crew, on Cold Station 12 after programming the fields containing the station’s deadly diseases to shut down in four minutes…

Get this season on DVDwritten by Michael Bryant
directed by Mike Vejar
music by Jay Chattaway

Guest Cast: Brent Spiner (Arik Soong), Alec Newman (Malik), Abby Brammell (Persis), Richard Riehle (Jeremy Lucas), Kaj-Erik Eriksen (Smike), Kris Iyer (Deputy Director), Adam Grimes (Lokesh), Amy Wieczorek (Female Pilot), Jordan Orr (Young Malik), Kevin Foster (Security Guard #1)

LogBook entry by Earl Green