Star Trek: EnterpriseThe Enterprise arrives at a rendezvous point to pick up a shuttlepod carrying Captain Archer and Trip, but the shuttle is empty. Signs of a struggle in the shuttle point to an abduction. T’Pol inquires with government officials on the last planet visited by Archer, discovering that he and Trip were captured and assumed to be smugglers, and are now in a prison transport bound for Canamar, a high-security penal colony. But just as the order comes through to release Archer and Trip from the brutal confines of the prison ship, a prisoner revolt thwarts their release – and suddenly they’re fighting for their lives and the lives of every other prisoner on board, trying to bluff their way into the ranks of the mutineers and hold out long enough for Enterprise to track them down.

Get this season on DVDDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by John Shiban
directed by Allan Kroeker
music by Brian Tyler

Guest Cast: Mark Rolston (Kuroda), Sean Whalen (Zoumas), Michael McGrady (Nausicaan), Holmes R. Osborne (Enolian Official), Brian Morri (Enolian Guard), John Hansen (Prisoner)

LogBook entry by Earl Green