Star Trek: VoyagerStardate not given: Voyager happens upon a scrapyard in space operated by a gangly and gregarious alien called Abbadon. A trade agreement is quickly reached for several small items and technologies, until Tom Paris sets his eyes on a sleek (but very derelict) shuttle-sized vessel. Tom persuades Chakotay to offer Abbadon a few extra items in exchange for the ship – and the alien asks for suspiciously little in trade. Tom begins spending all of his off-duty time – and most of Harry’s, too – restoring the mysterious ship to full working order, dubbing it “Alice” in honor of a cadet he lusted after in Starfleet Academy. Slowly, thanks to the little craft’s direct neural interface with its pilot, Tom becomes more and more fixated on “Alice”…but what he does not realize until it far too late is that the ship is equally fixated on him.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Bryan Fuller & Michael Taylor
story by Juliann deLayne
directed by David Livingston
music by David Bell

Guest Cast: Claire Rankin (Alice), John Fleck (Abbadon)

LogBook entry by Earl Green