To Boldly Go – Part II

Star Trek ContinuesThis is an episode of a fan-made series whose storyline may be invalidated by later official studio productions.

Stardate 6995.1: Lana and Sentek are nearly successful in their takeover of the Enterprise bridge, stopped only by Lt. Smith, who reveals that she also has uplift powers – long dormant since her first exposure to the barrier five years ago – activated by the ship’s proximity to the barrier. Though Lana and Sentek abandon their takeover attempt and beam back to the Kongo, Kirk is wary enough of Smith’s revelation to confine her to sick bay. Spock hallucinates an encounter with the Romulan commander, trying to tempt him to leave Starfleet and return to Romulus with her, before realizing that the uplifted espers are capable of powerful mental manipulation from afar. Among this and other distractions, the Kongo attacks the Enterprise and does critical damage. Kirk devises a plan to separate the Enterprise‘s primary hull from its stardrive section, allowing for a triple-pronged attack on the Kongo in concert with the Romulans. Sentek contacts Spock and offers to hand over the surviving crew of the Kongo; Dr. McKennah agrees to trade herself as a hostage so she can try to reason with Lana. Only after McKennah has beamed over to the Kongo are the life signs of the Kongo crew revealed to be yet another deception, giving Sentek a live hostage and leaving Kirk and Spock empty-handed. Starfleet scrambles the U.S.S. Farragut and U.S.S. Potemkin – the last two remaining Constitution-class ships other than Enterprise and the Kongo – to engage the espers before they can reach Earth, but the crews of those two ships are tricked into firing upon one another. The Romulan commander’s second-in-command, suspecting that his commander’s continued presence on the Enterprise is a sign of further Federation treachery, fires on the Enterprise at point-blank range before his commander wrests control of the ship from him via remote access codes. A last-ditch plan is set into motion: Lt. Smith is beamed into the Kongo‘s engineering deck, where she begins sabotaging the ship’s power grid. When she is detected and attacked, Smith steps up her attack to a suicide mission, overloading the Kongo’s warp core at the cost of her own life. Scotty tries to beam McKennah over as the Kongo explodes, but as the destroyed ship leaves her nowhere to return, and the Enterprise‘s own systems have suffered massive damage, her transporter signal is lost, leaving Spock wracked with guilt for allowing her to beam to the Kongo while he was in command. Considering this a failure of his ability to rely on his human half’s gut feelings, Spock vows to return to Vulcan to undergo the Kolinahr, a final ritual purge of all emotion. McCoy elects to retire from Starfleet, having witnessed more death than he cares to. Kirk, upon returning to Earth, is offered a promotion to Admiral, which he accepts, giving up the command chair for a desk job as Chief of Starfleet Operations. The Enterprise limps back to spacedock to begin undergoing refits, ending Kirk’s five-year mission.

Watch Itteleplay by Robert J. Sawyer
story by Vic Mignogna & James Kerwin and Robert J. Sawyer
directed by James Kerwin
additional music by Vic Mignogna, Craig Huxley and Andy Farber

Star Trek ContinuesCast: Vic Mignogna (Captain Kirk), Todd Haberkorn (Mr. Spock), Chuck Huber (Dr. McCoy), Chris Doohan (Mr. Scott), Nicola Bryant (Lana), Cas Anvar (Sentek), Amy Rydell (Romulan Commander), Mark Meer (Tal), April Hebert (Rear Admiral Thesp), Marina Sirtis (Computer Voice), Grant Imahara (Sulu), Kim Stinger (Uhura), Wyatt Lenhart (Chekov), Michele Specht (McKennah), Steven Dengler (Drake), Martin Bradford (Dr. M’Benga), Kipleigh Brown (Smith), Reuben Langdon (Dickerson), Cat Roberts (Palmer), Liz Wagner (Nurse Burke), Adam Dykstra (Relief Helmsman), Emie Morissette (Relief Navigator), Michael Parker (Romulan Lieutenant), Star Trek ContinuesJessie Rusu (Transporter Chief), E. Patrick Hanavan III (Esper), Ed Obarowski (Esper), John Cerabino (Enterprise Crew), Sean Davis (Enterprise Crew), Amanda Denkler (Enterprise Crew), Savannah DePew (Enterprise Crew), Ashley Despot (Enterprise Crew), Natalie George (Enterprise Crew), Scott Grainger (Enterprise Crew), Ginger Holley (Enterprise Crew), Peter Lickteig (Enterprise Crew), B.J. Savage (Enterprise Crew), Thomas E. Surprenant (Enterprise Crew), Cassandra Tuten (Enterprise Crew), Kyle Warner (Enterprise Crew)

Star Trek ContinuesNotes: This final episode of Star Trek Continues effectively provides a series finale for the original series, leaving characters and situations in much the same state we find them in at the beginning of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. In addition to Motion Picture-era uniforms appearing prominently, there are even musical nods toward the first Star Trek movie in the form of musical contributions from electronic music pioneer Craig Huxley playing the Blaster Beam, the unearthly instrument heard prominently in the scores of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II.

LogBook entry by Earl Green