The Weaker Sex

SlidersThe sliders arrive in a dimension very much like their own, only in this world Rembrandt, Quinn and Arturo discover what it’s like to be trapped beneath the glass ceiling. Men are treated as inferiors or, worse yet, sex objects – and Wade gets a taste of real power. An incensed Arturo decides to take it upon himself to launch a “men’s liberation” movement, but the resulting uproar may cause the sliders to miss the window for their next escape.

Order the DVDswritten by Dawn Prestwich & Nicole Yorkin
directed by Vern Gillum
music by Mark Mothersbaugh

Guest Cast: Sara Botsford (Mayor Ross), Robert Curtis-Brown (Danny), Jill Teed (Serena), Alf Humphreys (Pete), Andrew Wheeler (Ken), Liza Huget (Lois), Peter Kelamis (Glenn), Douglas Sills (Ed), Joe Maffei (Bernie), Teresa Barnwell (Hilary Clinton), Tamara Stanners (Jeanie Moses), Leigh Morrow (Anchorwoman), Peg Christopherson (Female Shopper)

LogBook entry by Earl Green