Episode One

The Legend Of Robin HoodEngland, before the Crusades: the Earl of Huntingdon entrusts his infant son to his close friends and allies, Sir Cedric and Father Ambrose. As his only heir, the child will be in danger. When the boy is of age, he is to be told of his true identity, and instructed to claim his inheritance. Until then, he is to live the life of a commoner.

The boy, Robin, is brought up and well-educated, especially for the son of the King’s forester, John Hood. But it’s not until after he’s already developed a taste for standing up to the landed gentry that Robin learns that he, too, is of noble blood. With his late father’s ring, and proof of his identity, Robin Hood heads to London to claim his birthright. Along the way, he assists an entourage led by Sir Kenneth Neston, who is taking his niece, Marion, to marry Sir Guy of Gisbourne – one of Robin’s least favorite people, due to the cruelty with which he treats those under his rule. Robin arrives in London and proves his identity to King Richard, who welcomes him as the rightful Earl of Huntingdon. Robin’s true identity is a problem for some of Sir Guy’s allies, including the Sheriff of Nottingham. Together, Sir Guy and the Sheriff are planning to manipulate Prince John in the event that he ascends to Prince Regent in his brother’s upcoming absence to lead the Crusades from the front in the Holy Land. And as Robin rides alone toward the Huntingdon estate, other men lie in wait for him…

written by Alistair Bell
directed by Eric Davidson
music by Stanley Myers

The Legend of Robin HoodCast: Martin Potter (Robin Hood), Diane Keen (Lady Marion), John Abineri (Sir Kenneth Neston), William Marlowe (Sir Guy of Gisbourne), Paul Darrow (Sheriff of Nottingham), Michael-John Jackson (Richard I), David Dixon (Prince John), David Ryall (Abbot of Grantham), Geoffrey Russell (Longchamp), Miles Anderson (Will Scarlet), Stephen Whittaker (Ralph Gammon), Anthony Garner (Earl of Huntingdon), Michael Fleming (Sir Cedric Usher), David King (Father Ambrose), Trevor Griffiths (John Hood), Geoffrey Greenhill (Norman Soldier), John Caesar (Norman Soldier), Geoffrey Jackman (Landlord), Tony Doyle (Norman Sergeant), Sheelah Wilcocks (Old Woman), Robert Russell (Robber Chief), Martin Duncan (Blondin)

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