Free For All

The PrisonerNumber Six jumps at the opportunity to run for the office of Number Two, making individual freedom his campaign platform. The incumbent Number Two declares this approach to be against the laws of the Village, and Number Six is forced to endure a test for his suitability as a candidate. The test makes it possible for Number Six to win the election, but not in a way that he could imagine.

written by Paddy Fritz (a.k.a. Patrick McGoohan)
directed by Patrick McGoohan
music by Ron Grainer and Albert Elms

Cast: Patrick McGoohan (Number Six), Eric Portman (Number Two), Rachel Herbert (Number 58), George Benson (Labour exchange manager), Harold Berens (Reporter), John Cazabon (Man in cave), Dene Cooper (Photographer), Kenneth Benda (Supervisor), Holly Doone (Waitress), Peter Brace (Mechanic), Alf Joint (Mechanic)

LogBook entry by Earl Green