The Prisoner (2009 remake)6 discovers that someone who looks like him is stalking the Village. 313 says that 6 was in her apartment last night, and 147 claims that he and 6 got into a vicious argument. 6 even sees his double and tries to follow him, only to be cornered and attacked. His doppelganger urges him to follow the only course of action that will allow him to escape the Village: kill 2. A warning is issued by 2 that there is also a 2 impersonator on the loose, a disheveled man who looks like him but claims to have no number: one of the highest crimes possible in the Village. 2’s double and 6’s double are on a collision course. Or are they?

written by Bill Gallagher
directed by Nick Hurran
music by Rupert Gregson-Williams

Cast: Ian McKellen (2), Jim Caviezel (6), Hayley Atwell (Lucy), Ruth Wilson (313), Lennie James (147), Jeffrey R. Smith (16), Rachael Blake (M2), Jamie Campbell Bower (11-12)

Notes: The new Prisoner episode titles hearken back to episodes of the original – in this case, The Schizoid Man – even though there may not necessarily be a direct story correlation. That episode of the original Prisoner series proved to be memorable to writer Tracy Torme, who bestowed the same title upon one of his episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

LogBook entry by Earl Green