Ted Talks

Other SpaceHaving dumped precious fuel to avoid having the Cruiser turn into the core of a new planet, Stewart Lipinski and his crew are stranded…but there’s a bright side: Tina happens to be an expert on an extraction technique that could recover the fuel from the rapidly accreting planet. But there’s a problem: a time-delayed message reaches Tina from her beloved fiance…and it’s a break-up letter. As any helpful ship’s computer would, Natasha convinces Karen to hold a girls’ night out to help Tina overcome this trauma…but it all has to happen within eight hours, or the traces of fuel won’t be recoverable anymore.

Watch this at the official sitewritten by Karen Kilgariff
directed by Robert Cohen
music by Orr Rebhun & Erica Weis

Other SpaceCast: Trace Beaulieu (A.R.T.), Neil Casey (Kent Woolworth), Eugene Cordero (Michael Newman), Joel Hodgson (Zalian Fletcher), Conor Leslie (Natasha), Bess Rous (Karen Lipinski), Karan Soni (Stewart Lipinski), Milana Vayntrub (Tina Shukshin), Bjorn Gustafsson (Ted), Matteo Borghese (Abram), Sherry O’Connor (A.R.T. Puppeteer #2)

LogBook entry by Earl Green