Opposing Views

Mercy PointMercy Point braces for a sudden influx of patients after the explosion of a passenger shuttle that has left the pilot dead. The co-pilot is in critical condition, and an accident scene investigator arrives on the station, wanting to do a “memprint” from her mind, even though the stress of doing so may kill her. Dr. Batung overrules his human colleagues during surgery on a woman with badly injured legs, insisting that amputation followed by cybernetic prosthesis is the only possible treatment. He’s stunned when, after the surgery, his patient says she should’ve been allowed to die…not realizing that she was a prize-winning gymnast.

written by Trey Callaway
directed by D.J. Caruso
music by Jon Ehrlich

Mercy PointCast: Joe Morton (Dr. Grote Maxwell), Maria Del Mar (Dr. Haylen Breslauer), Alexandra Wilson (Dr. Dru Breslauer), Jordan Lund (Dr. Batung), Julia Pennington (Ani), Gay Thomas (Dr. Rema Cook), Brian McNamara (Dr. Caleb Jurado), Joe Spano (Dr. DeMilla), Salli Richardson (Kim), Larry Cedar (Charlie Bantam), Lisa Darr (Julie Porteuse), Craig Kirkwood (Mednaut Jeffries), Christine Willes (Nurse Tobbit), Haig Sutherland (Nagnom), Kirsten Robek (Nurse Davies), Leanne Adachi (Mednaut Cowan), Rick Ravanello (Mednaut Thurston), Joe Pascual (Mednaut Westhusing), Hagan Beggs (Mr. Blumenthal), Taylor-Anne Reid (Lily Parks), Fiona M. Scott (Nancy Curtis), Mercy PointAndrew Laurenson (Peter Reese), Alison Matthews (Surgeon Tyndale), Matt Smith (Dr. Lasker), Paul Jarrett (Mr. Parks), Zoran Vukelic (Mr. Porteuse)

Notes: Matt Smith is the Doctor! Or at least Matt Smith is a doctor. And he’s probably not the Matt Smith you’re expecting – this Matt Smith is a Canadian-born actor who went on to have a long career in voicing English dubs of anime, no relation whatsoever to the actor who played the eleventh Doctor of Doctor Who fame.

LogBook entry by Earl Green