Godzilla vs. Megaguirus

GodzillaAnti-Godzilla task force G-Grasper presses Hajime Kudo to help them develop a black hole weapon to suck in Godzilla and trap him inside. Three months later, a child is running to a friend’s house to show off his insect collection when he spots a super secret science experiment. He watches the test firing of the Dimension Tide. The cannon fires a black hole at an empty warehouse, imploding the building and trapping much of the mountainside as well. It also creates a wormhole. Later that night the boy hears a great rushing of wings and follows it to the wormhole just as a giant insect flies in. He also discovers some sort of egg and takes it home. It starts oozing and he dumps the icky egg into a storm drain.

Two construction workers and a pair of young lovers are the first to die violent deaths from a giant dragonfly- like creature. The Meganulon evolves into a Meganula and flies away. Godzilla is spotted by radar out to sea, with the Meganula nearby. The G-Grasper VTOL unit “Fighter Griffon” is sent to investigate. They find the carcass of the Meganula floating on the surface. As they take samples, Godzilla rises. Major Tsujimori attaches a tracking device onto the beast.

The completed Dimension Tide is launched into orbit. The plan is to launch the black hole at Godzilla from space.

Meanwhile destruction of much of the water system by the Meganulon has caused Tokyo to be flooded. Using some of their Godzilla tracking equipment, G-Grasper finds more eggs in the flood zone. A unit sent to destroy the eggs instead finds they have hatched into thousands of Meganula.

By angering Godzilla, the beast has been herded to a remote island where the Dimension Tide will be fired at him. But the Meganula fly around the island, confusing the targeting system. The black hole is launched anyway. It pounds into the island creating a giant hole and destroying most of the Meganula. But it has missed the King of the Monsters. The remaining insects flee the island. Godzilla leaves, apparently for Tokyo.

Back at the flooded city, the Meganula gather at a giant larva, transfer their life energy to it, and die. The larva splits apart. Megaguirus splashes out of the water and flies off, emitting a deafening and destructive high frequency sonic pulse.

Godzilla surfaces at Tokyo Bay and is attacked by Megaguirus, which is defending and trying to enlarge its territory. The mutated insect slams Godzilla to the ground. He gets up and blasts at the bug, but misses. It uses its sonic pulse in an attempt to disable Godzilla. The lizard grabs the Megaguirus and the pair wrestle. The insect jabs its stinger into Godzilla, sucking away some of his life force before he can break away. The flying creature sneaks around to attack, but Godzilla snatches its pincher with his tail and flings him into a building. It picks itself up for another attack and jams its stinger inside Godzilla again. This time, Godzilla rips it away from him and shoves his adversary’s stinger into the ground. With a mighty leap, he body slams Megaguirus from above. The insect slips from his grasp and flies off. As they face each other, the giant dragonfly unleashes a ball of energy that stuns Godzilla. It flies in for the fatal blow and aims the stinger for Godzilla’s face! There’s a horrible crunching sound as the world gasps! But Godzilla has grabbed the stinger with his mouth! He crunches down on the stinger like a soda cracker. Megaguirus, grievously wounded, backs away. The King of the Monsters blasts Megaguirus with his nuclear fire, bringing down the insect in a burning heap.

Godzilla continues his destructive path through Tokyo to the Science Institute. It’s revealed that secret Plasma Energy experiments have been conducted there. As he brings the building down, the Dimension Tide is falling out of orbit due to monster-caused damage to some land based components. It’s fired one last time before it disintegrates. Godzilla unleashes a nuclear blast at the incoming black hole. There’s a massive explosion and implosion that reduces central Tokyo to rubble. When the smoke clears, Godzilla is nowhere to be found.

Months later, though, questionable seismic activity is detected. Godzilla may have somehow escaped the black hole.

screenplay by Hiroshi Kashiwabara and Wataru Mimura
directed by Masaaki Tezuka
music by Michiru Ohshima

Human Cast: Misato Tanaka (Kiriko Tsujimori), Shosuke Tanihara (Hajime Kudo), Masato Tanihara (Motohiko Sugiura)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Meganulon, Meganula, Megaguirus

Notes: As with several of the Millennium Series of movies, Godzilla vs. Megaguirus dispenses with most of the previous Godzilla continuity and creates its own. In flashback sequences, Godzilla appears in 1954, 1966, and 1996. Don’t leave your seats! There’s more action following the end credits.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson