The Locket

FarscapeAeryn disappears while investigating a strange mist that surrounds Moya. When she returns shortly after, she has aged into an old woman. She tells the crew that she has spent the last 160 cycles on the planet below while Moya has been trapped in stasis. She has only come back to Moya to warn them to escape during one of the brief windows they have available; she herself intends to return to the planet where her granddaughter waits for her. Crichton chases after her, but upon meeting her granddaugher Ennixx, he agrees to leave. He’s too late – before he can get back to Moya, the window closes and the Leviathan disappears, leaving him no choice but to return to the planet and wait decades for the next opportunity. On Moya, Zhaan and Stark realize Aeryn was right, and Moya is stuck outside of time. The elderly Crichton and Aeryn return to Moya as Aeryn passes away. There is one hope remaining – if Moya is in fact outside of time, perhaps it can re-enter the timestream before any of this actually happens.

Order the DVDswritten by Justin Monjo
directed by Ian Watson
music by Guy Gross

Guest Cast: Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Paul Goddard (Stark), Allyson Standen (Ennixx)

Notes: Stark last appeared in season 1’s The Hidden Memory, where he was Crichton’s cellmate.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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