Secrets Of The Hexagon

Far-Out Space NutsWhen Barney accuses Junior yet again of being a useless idiot, Junior is vulnerable to the new intergalactic con man who offers him the ability to turn his fortunes around. But this scam artist isn’t selling space snake oil: he’s offering something called the Hexagon, which can fulfill nearly any wish its owner desires. And the asking price? The space travelers’ lander. When Barney and Junior discover that they’ve been had, the race is on to out-scam the scammer.

written by Earle Doud & Chuck McCann
directed by Wes Kenney
Far-Out Space Nutsmusic by Michael Lloyd / arranged by Reg Powell

Cast: Bob Denver (Junior), Chuck McCann (Barney), Patty Maloney (Honk), Rudy Diaz (voice of the Hexagon), Howard George (Flam), Gus Peters (Tride), Hal Smith (Komak)

LogBook entry by Earl Green