The Web of Caves

Doctor WhoThe Doctor faces an enemy with plans for world domination …well…actually he hasn’t quite worked out the plan yet…but when he does…watch out…

Order the DVDwritten by Mark Gatiss & David Walliams
director unknown

Cast: Mark Gatiss (The Doctor), David Walliams (Alien), Paul Putner (Alien), Tom Baker (Announcer)

LogBook entry & review by Philip R. Frey

Review: The Web Of Caves aired as one of a series of three sketches during BBC2’s “Doctor Who Night”. The sketch is quite brief (under four minutes), but effectively parodies many aspects of the show. From the Doctor’s English mannerisms to his tendency to be spooked by deep, gravely voices, it’s all here. It was even shot in black & white to give it that authentic feel.

Gatiss’ Doctor is certainly as valid as Rowan Atkinson’s in The Curse Of Fatal Death and probably more authentic than a certain other Ninth Doctor I could mention. (Okay, that may be a bit much.) The aliens have the look of classic “Who” and the dialogue feels legit. (“Where have you brought me to this time, old girl?” the Doctor asks of the TARDIS.)

Despite its brevity, The Web Of Caves is one of the best “alternate” Doctors ever produced. Luckily, The Web Of Caves finally saw a release on DVD in 2006 as a part of the “Beginning” box set, allowing this rarest of all Ninth Doctors to finally be seen by a wider audience.