The Tenth Planet Part 2

Doctor WhoCybernetically augmented humans – Cybermen – have emerged from the spacecraft to take control of Snowcap Base. Their world, Mondas, was thrown out of its orbit around the sun long ago, forcing its inhabitants to turn to cybernetics to preserve their species. Now, having succumbed entirely to the machinery that was only intended to extend their lives, the Cybermen face another kind of extinction. Mondas is a dying planet, and the Cybermen hope to colonize Earth for its resources – and its population – starting with initiating a transfer of Earth’s energy to Mondas.

Order this story on audio CDwritten by Kit Pedler (credited onscreen as “Kitt Pedler”)
and Pat Dunlap and Gerry Davis (not credited onscreen)
directed by Derek Martinus
music not credited

Doctor WhoCast: William Hartnell (The Doctor), David Dodimead (Barclay), Dudley Jones (Dyson), Robert Beatty (General Cutler), Christopher Matthews (Radar technician), Reg Whitehead (Krail), Harry Brooks (Talon), Gregg Palmer (Shav), Michael Craze (Ben), Anneke Wills (Polly), Steve Plytas (Wigner), Ellen Cullen (Geneva Technician), Glenn Beck (TV Announcer), Earl Cameron (Williams), Alan White (Schultz), Roy Skelton (Cyberman voice)

LogBook entry by Earl Green