It Takes You Away

Doctor WhoThe TARDIS lands in Norway, 2018, near a cabin that seems to be abandoned; when Ryan catches a fleeting glimpse of someone inside the house, they decide to investigate, finding a blind girl hiding in a wardrobe. Her father is missing, and she lives in fear of creatures that she hears lurking outside. Those same sounds drive the time travelers into the house for shelter, and they discover a mirror that isn’t what it seems to be, but is instead a portal to another dimension. The Doctor, Graham and Yaz go through the portal to investigate, leaving Ryan to watch over the girl at the house. Soon, he discovers that she’s not exactly helpless, and the howling sounds coming from outside aren’t coming from vicious creatures. The Doctor, Yaz and Graham find themselves in a near-exact copy of the house they just left, complete with the girl’s missing father – and the mother who she said was dead. The Doctor can say nothing to convince him to leave this dimension, not even for the sake of his own daughter…and worse yet, Grace appears to Graham, trying to convince him to stay as well.

Order the DVDwritten by Ed Hime
directed by Jamie Childs
music by Segun Akinola

Doctor WhoCast: Jodie Whittaker (The Doctor), Bradley Walsh (Graham O’Brien), Tosin Cole (Ryan Sinclair), Mandip Gill (Yasmin Khan), Sharon D. Clarke (Grace), Eleanor Wallwork (Hanne), Kevin Eldon (Ribbons), Christian Rubeck (Erik), Lisa Stokke (Trine)

Doctor WhoNotes: Kevin Eldon is an old hand at Doctor Who and science fiction in general, though his prior Doctor Who role wasn’t on television: he starred as the seventh Doctor’s robotic companion Antimony in the animated audio drama Death Comes To Time in 2001, a production that – in the absence of new television episodes – sought to rewrite some of the ground rules of the series (including killing off the Doctor!), causing some controversy in fandom. He was one of the stars of the BBC2 sci-fi comedy Hyperdrive, guest starred in an episode of the 21st century revival of Red Dwarf, and has more recently been the voice of Penfold in the revived Danger Mouse series and appeared as Camello in Game Of Thrones.

LogBook entry by Earl Green