Ardala Returns

Buck Rogers In The 25th CenturyOn a deep space patrol with Twiki, Buck is captured by the Draconian flagship. Princess Ardala and Kane have hatched a plan to replace Buck with a robot copy programmed to emulate Buck’s personality. The copy is armed with a bomb and sent back to Earth in a “stolen” Draconian fighter; when Wilma encounters the robot Buck, he tells her that he escaped in the Draconian fighter but Twiki didn’t make it. When the robot returns to Earth, it tries to detonate the bomb the first time it’s in the same room with Wilma, Dr. Huer and Dr. Theopolis – and only Wilma’s quick reflex to destroy the robot saves the day. In the meantime, aware that their plan has failed, Ardala and Kane set about trying to make a more accurate, undetectable copy of Buck. And Buck is unaware that his every cunning escape attempt is being studied to make his robot clones deadlier in a fight. Can Buck taint his robotic replicas by dulling his survival instincts?

Order the DVDswritten by Chris Bunch & Allan Cole
directed by Larry Stewart
music by Johnny Harris

Guest Cast: Pamela Hensley (Princess Ardala), Michael Ansara (Kane), H.B. Haggerty (Tigerman), James Emery (Pilot), Betty Bridges (Technician), Bob Minor (Guard)

LogBook entry by Earl Green