Battlestar GalacticaThe fleet tries to recover from the blow of both the discovery of a barren Earth and the heavy emotional toll, with the hunt beginning anew for a habitable planet for both Colonials and Cylons. The rebel Cylons demand full citizenship in the fleet, offering their technology – namely much more powerful FTL drives – in exchange. But some aren’t keen on the idea of the Cylons gaining citizenship and a seat on the quorum, and Tom Zarek is among them. Since President Roslin has gone into hiding following the Earth debacle, Zarek is effectively running the government, and sees no reason to grant the Cylons’ wish. When the tyllium mining ship – which carries the fuel supply for every ship in the fleet – tries to break off from the rest of the fleet, Admiral Adama orders his crew to board the ship and force the Cylon tech upgrades, while Zarek tells the ship’s crew to run for it. Adama, unconcerned that his actions might look like a military coup of the government, has Zarek arrested; the tyllium ship is found and boarded. Even below decks, the peace is tenuous – Baltar’s sermons have become rambles, demanding that God explain what has happened, while Tyrol makes a discovery about his son that rocks him to his core.

written by Ronald D. Moore
directed by Ronald D. Moore
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh), Aaron Douglas (Tyrol), Tahmoh Penikett (Helo), Alessandro Juliani (Gaeta), Richard Hatch (Tom Zarek), Donnelly Rhodes (Doc Cottle), Brad Drybrough (Hoshi)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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