The Summoning

Babylon 5Ivanova and Marcus set out aboard a ship from the White Star fleet to make contact with more of the First Ones, seeking more allies to participate in a final attack on Z’ha’Dum. The information G’Kar acquired about the possible whereabouts of Garibaldi arrives, and Zack Allen leads a fighter group to recover him. G’Kar himself, in the meantime, is being tortured at the hands of the mad Centauri Emperor, while Londo and Vir are helpless to do anything but watch and plan a coup to sieze power from Cartagia. Delenn asks Lyta to find out what the Vorlons’ plans are, but Lyta fears the new Vorlon ambassador. Zack recovers Garibaldi, unaware that the security chief has been subjected to some kind of unknown process. Londo tries to convince G’Kar to put on a convincing show of pain in order to save his own life, but G’Kar resists the idea, attempting to maintain the last vestiges of Narn pride. Ivanova and Marcus stumble across a Vorlon fleet in hyperspace, consisting of thousands of heavy cruisers and even a few ships, several miles across, capable of destroying entire worlds. On the station, some of the former League of Non-Aligned Worlds members assemble to denounce Delenn’s proposed attack on Z’ha’Dum, and a ship arrives carrying Sheridan and the mysterious Lorien. Sheridan breaks up the gathering and prepares to lead the fight against the Shadows again, but Ivanova’s discovery, and a near-fatal encounter between Lyta and the Vorlon ambassador, reveals a new problem…the Vorlons have taken it upon themselves to end the war by eliminating all of the younger races who have ever been influenced by the Shadows.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by John McPherson
music by Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Wayne Alexander (Lorien), Wortham Krimmer (Emperor Cartagia), Kris Iyer (Dome Tech), Eric Zivot (Verano), Ron Campbell (Ambassador #1), Ardwight Chamberlain (Kosh), Jonathan Chapman (Ambassador Lethke), William Scudder (Ambassador #2)

LogBook entry by Earl Green