Babylon 5Dr. Vance Hendricks, one of Dr. Franklin’s med school mentors, arrives on Babylon 5 in a cloud of mystery with a collection of pristine artifacts from the planet Icarra, which has been dead for over a thousand years. One of the artifacts takes control of Hendricks’ partner and transforms him into a killing machine designed to eliminate any life form which is not pure Icarran. Since the Icarran race has been dead for centuries thanks to creatures just like this, every living being aboard the station is in danger – a situation which Sinclair decides to take into his own hands despite Garibaldi’s protests.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Richard Compton
music by Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: David McCallum (Dr. Vance Hendricks), Marshall Teague (Nelson Drake), Patricia Healy (Mary Ann Cramer), Sav Farrow (Tech #1), Daniel Hutchison (Security Guard), Sylva Kelegian (Tech #2), Tony Rizzoli (Guard), Marianne Robertson (Tech #3), Paul Teuell (Customs Guard)

Notes: We discover, later in the series, that Interplanetary Expeditions, Hendricks’ employer, is the same outfit that unburied Shadow vessels on Mars and Ganymede.

Infection was the first hour-long episode of Babylon 5 produced.