Mummy Daddy

Amazing StoriesFilming nears completion on a movie called The Mummy’s Kiss, until a single phone call disrupts the last overnight filming: the actor in the mummy suit is about to become a father. Without thinking, he leaves the set and races off in a car that’s nearly out of gas. It stalls in a small town, where he proceeds to spook everyone with whom he comes into contact. The town is full of old legends of a real mummy, one which the townsfolk are sure has come back to haunt them. Harold isn’t the real mummy, of course…but that doesn’t mean that a whole backwoods town of suspicious simpletons isn’t suddenly out to kill him.

Get this season on DVDteleplay by Earl Pomerantz
story by Steven Spielberg
directed by William Dear
music by Danny Elfman & Steve Bartek

Amazing StoriesCast: Tom Harrison (Harold), Bronson Pinchot (Dean), Brion James (Willie Joe), Tracey Walter (Ezra), Larry Hankin (Jubal), Lucy Lee Flippin (Librarian), William Frankfather (Mayor), Arnold Johnson (Town Sage), Michael Zand (Ra Amin Ka), Len Lesser (Old Grave Robber), Billy Beck (Old Blind Man), Brian Bradley (Actor), Joann Willette (Ruta Mae), Pamela Seamon (Assistant Director), Edlen Ratliff (Freckle-Faced Boy), Dalton Cathey (Doctor), Oliver Dear (Young Grave Robber), Susan Dear (Harold’s Wife), Bill Martin (Guard)

LogBook entry by Earl Green