The Con Caper

Amazing Spider-Man (1970s series)Politician James Colbert is released from jail after serving time for violating campaign finance laws, and is greeted by his old friend (and campaign cohort) Rita Conway, who is now J. Jonah Jameson’s assistant at the Daily Bugle. She has managed to talk Jameson into meeting with Colbert, who has emerged from his sentence with a fresh zeal for prison reform, though Jameson is reluctant to give any preferential column space to Colbert’s new agenda. Almost immediately, however, a riot breaks out at the prison, and the convicts gain the upper hand over the guards. Colbert insists on negotiating with the two prisoners behind the riots, Kates and McTieg. He manages to bring the hostage situation to a bloodless end, but only after Spider-Man has already made his first appearance to capture one of the more violent prisoners trying to escape. Peter, assigned to cover the ongoing story, narrowly avoids an exploding bomb planted on the door of his apartment moments after Colbert calls to invite him to cover a concert given by Rita at the prison. Peter proceeds to the prison in the guide of Spider-Man, just in time to see Kates and McTieg escape under the cover of an explosion during the concert. Peter thinks that the escapes convicts and Colbert are plotting something that requires the three of them to be outside the prison walls – and whatever it is, Spider-Man will likely be the one who has to stop it.

teleplay by Gregory S. Dinallo
story by Brian McKay
directed by Tom Blank
music by Dana Kaproff

Amazing Spider-ManCast: Nicholas Hammond (Peter Parker / Spider-Man), Robert F. Simon (J. Jonah Jameson), Chip Fields (Rita Conway), Ellen Bry (Julie Masters), William Smithers (James Colbert), Ramon Bieri (Kates), Andrew Robinson (McTieg), W.T. Zacha (Big Time), Paul Wexler (Prison Guard), Pat Corley (IFMM Receptionist), Fred Downs (Warden Ford)

LogBook entry by Earl Green