The First Duty

Stardate 45703.9: The Enterprise is heading back to Earth so Picard may deliver Starfleet Academy’s commencement address, and the crew is also looking forward to an aerial stunt display performed in orbit over Saturn by Nova Squadron, the Academy’s elite flight group, including Wes Crusher. As the Enterprise arrives, news reaches Picard and Dr. Crusher […]


Stardate 46425.8: Business as usual is keeping O’Brien the busiest man on DS9, as systems continuously break down almost at random, mainly food replicators. In the course of his repairs, O’Brien accidentally activates a concealed Bajoran device designed to release an adaptive virus into the food generated by that replicator. He is immediately stricken with […]

Gambit Part II

Stardate 47160.1: Riker is accepted into Baran’s outlaw fold by pretending to be an old enemy of “Galen,” and the mercenaries’ mission continues. Picard discovers that Baran’s gang is not looking for Romulan artifacts, but for ancient Vulcan artifacts. The Romulan mercenary Tallera reveals herself as an undercover Vulcan security operative, and she earns Picard’s […]

Heroes and Demons

Stardate 48693.2: As Voyager passes near a protostar, Janeway and Torres try to beam some samples of its photonic material aboard. When they try to enlist Harry’s help in studying it, they find that he has disappeared from the ship. Chakotay and Tuvok go to where Harry was last found – the holodeck – and […]

The Quickening

Stardate not given: Bashir, Dax, and Kira are on a routine biosurvey mission in the Gamma Quadrant when they receive a 200-year-old distress signal. They follow it to a planet where the population, once a spacegoing culture, is suffering from an incurable fatal disease inflicted on them by the Jem’Hadar for defying the Dominion. Bashir […]

Prime Crew

1971: The ongoing race to establish the first permanent human presence on the moon has now claimed casualties – one of the women in NASA’s astronaut training has died, and a Lunar Orbiter satellite spots debris from a failed Soviet lunar landing – debris indicating that the Soviets were ready to start building a base […]