For Him The Bell Tolls

Xena: Warrior PrincessAphrodite is upset that two young people from two different kingdoms have fallen in love and are to be married. When that happens, their fathers who rule the kingdoms plan to demolish some of her temples. She decides to use a spell on Joxer and he will break the couple up. But Gabrielle soon realizes that something isn’t right with him and tries to find a way to end the spell and reunite the couple.

Order the DVDswritten by Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster
directed by Josh Becker
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Ted Raimi (Joxer), Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite), Karl Urban (Cupid), Mandie Gillette (Ileandra), Craig Parker (Sarpedon), Ross Jolly (King Barus), Craig Walsh-Wrightson (King Lynaeus), Rachale Davies (Aria), Tai Hadfield (Guard), Mark Jones (Messenger)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell

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