Doctor Bashir, I Presume

Star Trek: Deep Space NineStardate not given: Dr. Louis Zimmerman arrives on DS9 to work on a Long-term Medical Hologram, the template of which will be based on Dr. Bashir. He begins interviewing Bashir’s friends and colleagues to create a psychological profile. To Rom’s dismay, Zimmerman pursues Leeta, the object of Rom’s secret affection. To Bashir’s consternation, Zimmerman invites his parents to the station against his wishes, a development which threatens to bring Julian’s darkest secret to light.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonteleplay by Ronald D. Moore
story by Jimmy Diggs
directed by David Livingston
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Robert Picardo (Dr. Louis Zimmerman), Brian George (Richard Bashir), Max Grodenchik (Rom), Chase Masterson (Leeta), Fadwa El Guindi (Amnsha Bashir), J. Patrick McCormack (Rear Admiral Bennett)

Star Trek: Deep Space NineNotes: As with Voyager’s two-part episode Future’s End, set partly in 1996, this episode contradicts the original series episode Space Seed, which placed Khan and the Eugenics Wars in 1996; the later spinoff series Enterprise confirms this rewriting of Trek history by dating the Eugenics Wars and the augments to the 22nd century, rather than the end of the 20th.

LogBook entry by Tracy Hemenover with notes by Earl Green