Eureka U.S. Marshal Jack Carter is transporting his runaway daughter Zoe back to Los Angeles when she claims to see herself in a car driving the other way. Distracted by the argument, Carter winds up swerving off the road. He and Zoe walk into the nearby town of Eureka, which turns out to be anything but your typical small town. Eureka is the home of Global Dynamics, a company established during the Cold War to give America’s best scientists the opportunity to develop new breakthroughs. The result is a city full of geniuses and leaders in their fields, living with technology beyond the everyday. Even Henry Deacon, the town’s mechanic (among other jobs) is a brilliant scientist. Jo Lupo, the deputy sheriff, is a former Army Ranger. The local bed and breakfast is owned by Beverly Barlowe, a psychotherapist to world leaders. Dogcatcher Jim Taggart is a “wildlife containment specialist.” Allison Blake, the Department of Defense’s liaison to Eureka and General Dynamics, enlists Carter’s help after he solves a missing persons case that does not involve any actual missing persons but does involve a missing section of a mobile home. One of Eureka’s scientists has been working on his own private experiment, and the result is odd bubbles in space-time that swallow up and transport objects. As the distortions grow, Carter proves himself indispensable to the investigation – maybe a little too indispensable for his tastes.

Season 1 Regular Cast: Colin Ferguson (Jack Carter), Salli Richardson (Allison Blake), Debrah Farentino (Beverly Barlowe), Joe Morton (Henry Deacon), Jordan Hinson (Zoe Carter), Ed Quinn (Nathan Stark), Erica Serra (Jo Lupo), Matt Frewer (Jim Taggart)

Order the DVDswritten by Andrew Cosby & Jaime Paglia

directed by Peter O’Fallon

Guest Cast: Maury Chaykin (Sheriff Cobb), Greg Germann (Warren King)

Note: Ed Quinn does not appear in the pilot.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

Many Happy Returns

Eureka Carter settles into his new job as sheriff of Eureka and his new home inside an old bunker – now an experimental smart home. Allison’s estranged husband Nathan Stark returns to Eureka to take over Global Dynamics. At Walter and Susan Perkins’s funeral, Carter and others notice a strange electromagnetic disturbance, which turns out to be only the second strangest event at said funeral when Susan Perkins shows up in Eureka wondering why her parents were told she was deceased. All tests confirm her identity, and eventually Carter and the others piece together the truth. Walter and Susan split up when he first was offered the chance to go to Eureka, but unwilling to completely let her go, he cloned her and gave the clone memory implants that made her believe she was Susan. As the real Susan tries to decide whether to step into the clone’s life – including the child that’s been left behind – the electromagnetic disturbances continue. There may yet be one more reunion in the offing.

Order the DVDswritten by Jaime Paglia and Andrew Crosby
directed by Jefery Levy

Guest Cast: Jennifer Clement (Susan Perkins), Rob LaBelle (Walter Perkins)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer