The Lost Boy – Part 2

The Sarah Jane AdventuresWith Luke’s family revealed to be Slitheen, and Mr. Smith having turned against Sarah, it doesn’t seem that things can get much worse. Luke escapes his captors and goes to Sarah’s house, but Mr. Smith is waiting to spring a trap. Harnessing Luke’s latent potential for telekinesis, Mr. Smith forces the moon out of its orbit and toward Earth. With Mr. Smith out of commission, Sarah has to rely on Maria’s dad for his computer smarts…but can his skills shut down a computer that’s not of this Earth? And can Clyde help him from the other side of the screen?

Get the DVDDownload this episodewritten by Phil Ford
directed by Charles Martin
music by Sam Watts / title music by Murray Gold

Guest Cast: Joseph Millson (Alan Jackson), Juliet Cowan (Chrissie Jackson), Alexander Armstrong (Mr. Smith), Jay Simpson (Jay), Holly Atkins (Heidi), Ryan Watson (Nathan Goss), Floella Benjamin (Professor Rivers), Julian Dutton (Chief Inspector), Paul Kasey (Jay Slitheen), Jimmy Vee (Nathan Slitheen), Ruari Mears (Heidi Slitheen), Jason Mohammad (Newsreader), John Leeson (voice of K-9)

Notes: Despite statements from the BBC that K-9 would not appear in The Sarah Jane Adventures beyond Invasion Of The Bane, he appears here, voiced as always by John Leeson.

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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