Wizards & Warriors

The Unicorn Of Death The Kidnap The Rescue Night Of Terror Skies Of Death Caverns Of Chaos The Dungeon Of Death Vulkar’s Revenge The brainchild of veteran writer/producer Don Reo, Wizards & Warriors owes its birth to two primary influences. According to an interview on Wizards & Warriors fansite wizardsandwarriors.org, Reo was inspired by his […]

The Kidnap

War has broken out between the kingdom of Camarand and Karteia. Prince Erik Greystone and his squire Marko visit King Baaldorf and offers his help in battle; the King sends him to the front lines. Upon hearing that Greystone will be joining the fight, the evil Prince Dirk Blackpool steals a magical monocle from his […]

The Rescue

Greystone’s quest to recover the kidnapped Princess Ariel from Dirk Blackpool isn’t going to plan. And that’s assuming that he even has a plan. Worse yet, the increasingly impatient King Baaldorf is becoming as much of a threat to their health as anything Blackpool has up his sleeve. En route to Blackpool’s castle, by way […]

Night Of Terror

Having survived life and death battles together, Greystone and Princess Ariel move on to something that the prince finds much more stressful: a simple picnic. Ariel has chosen to set up the picnic on the grounds of a haunted castle, and when her dog runs toward the castle, she and Greystone follow and become trapped […]

Skies Of Death

Prince Blackpool’s sneak attacks have given away to something more aggressive: he has declared open war on Castle Baldorf. Greystone and Marko lead the defense from the front line, only to discover that Blackpool has added ballistic weaponry to his arsenal. Airborne explosives land at the feet of King Baldorf’s army, causing devastating damage, while […]

Sub Rosa

Stardate not given: The Enterprise is visiting Caldos, a terraformed Earth colony modeled after 17th century Scotland, so Dr. Crusher may attend the funeral of her grandmother. Also attending the funeral is an unknown man whose appearance mystifies Crusher. While the Enterprise crew gives the colony’s seismic and meteorological control systems a routine check, strange […]