The Rescue

Wizards & WarriorsGreystone’s quest to recover the kidnapped Princess Ariel from Dirk Blackpool isn’t going to plan. And that’s assuming that he even has a plan. Worse yet, the increasingly impatient King Baaldorf is becoming as much of a threat to their health as anything Blackpool has up his sleeve. En route to Blackpool’s castle, by way of Marko’s home town, Greystone discovers that the evil wizard Vector has deployed every trick in the book to stop them from rescuing Ariel. But Vector and Blackpool aren’t counting on Greystone’s sheer determination (or Marko’s ability to strangle a slime monster). And Greystone isn’t counting on Ariel’s sheer indifference at being rescued.

written by Don Reo
directed by James Frawley
music by Lee Holdridge

Wizards & WarriorsCast: Jeff Conaway (Prince Erik Greystone), Walter Olkewicz (Marko), Duncan Regehr (Prince Dirk Blackpool), Julia Duffy (Princess Ariel), Clive Revill (Vector), Ian Wolfe (Wizard Traquill), Thomas Hill (King Baaldorf), Art LaFleur (Michael), Piper Perry (Lucille), Tara Perry (Margaret), Bobby Porter (Lendar), Toru Tanaka (Baaldorf’s Aide)

Notes: Ian Wolfe was always seated in his appearances as the wizard Traquill due to health issues at the time of filming. Bobby Porter, who has a long history as a stunt coordinator working on such shows as The A-Team, Tales From The Crypt, the American version of The Office and both TV episodes and movies in the Planet Of The Apes franchise, had a recurring role in the 1991 remake of Land Of The Lost and wore the metal suit of Andy the robot in the ’70s SF spoof Quark. There’s not a man alive who could strangle a slime monster.

LogBook entry by Earl Green